Saturday, October 6, 2012

[ROM][CM7.2][15/10/2012] MildWild CM [4.6][Stable4]

This is my second ROM port :D

NOTICE!! Smali expert NEEDED!!!!

I'm having trouble doing something EPIC to the ROM's Settings.apk... i'm unable to accomplish it...
PLEASE, if you are interested in making this ROM really unique, please send me a PM, and i can give you the guide to follow, i need a Smali expert to solve this.


some info:
Orginal description, and ported from: HERE

Ported from MildWild's awesome CM7 ROM (CM7.2 and parts of Nighlty)
Base is our latest CM7.2 stable build... with MildWild's tweaks :D

Extras in MildWild CM

►Webkit hardware acceleration
►Some performance tweaks
►New and better Torch
►Xperia Launcher with my Mod
►New FM
►HostFile to block adware
►Faster UI
►Disable boot animation
►Battery saving tweaks
►ICS transition animations
►Full Ice Cream Sandwich Theme (my interpretation)
►File Explorer
►MVPS hosts file to block ads, banners, etc.
►Ice Cream Sandwich Music Player 4.0
►Ice Cream Sandwich Camera
►Ice Cream Sandwich Calculator2
►Custom Carrier Logo
►New Google Search
►XperiaArc Launcher and widget`s
►Google Network Location
►Google Apps
►Very stable for everyday use

APK`s Removed

LiveWallpapers, Cyanbread, CMUpdateNotify, CMUpdateNotify, Protips, etc.


►Battery saving by reducing wifi scan interval etc
►Better performance
►Better battery life
►Faster database access
►IO performance
►Hardware rendering
►GooglePlay Store Mod
►►Unlimited access to apps in Google Play Store
►►Removed countries restriction in Google Play Store
►►Fixed the issue which your device is not compatible with this item in Google Play Store
►Decrease dialing delay
►improve overall touch responsiveness
►improve scrolling responsiveness
►3G signal tweaks
►Fix some application issues
►Disable blackscreen issue after a call
►hitting the volume rocker will not wake phone
►button lights on when screen is on
►ICS Window Animation
►Some RAM tweak´s
►Many more....

some pics:

NOTE: those are MildWild 5.0 pics... which are very close to 4.6 but not exactly the same.

Please help me port MildWild 5.0 for a perfect ROM... cuz unfortunately, 5.0 has some radio issues (no reception... maybe wifi is broken too)

Download here:
Stable4 (Gapps needed afterwards)

For the ones having market issues:
Download this FLASHABLE patch: (after flashing Gapps of course)

HOW TO USE DROPBOX to safely download the file:
go to the link, press on download, and press on send this to my dropbox (or similar), then download the file from your dropbox profile.
that way i won't get jammed in traffic.

Original ROM
and Peteragent5 for his Porting Guide

Original xda thread with changelog is HERE


  1. wont let me install cwm says
    (Status 1)
    Installation aborted.

    1. are you sure you are using HTC Desire Z?

      seems like you have another phone that you are trying to flash this to... it won't work that way

  2. None of your download links in dropbox work - neither for the rom, nor for the patch. :( Too bad - seemed to be a decent rom to try on my old backup phone.