Thursday, November 1, 2012

[ROM] MusicICE 29/10/2012

As per request, this rom is for the ones that want to turn their Desire Z to a media player.
download link:Test1

pics are same as here

i just removed some apps from /system/app/  and included sone media player in /data/app/

List of Apps removed:
►►Everything HERE except:

►DSP Manager

List of apps implemented:
►Google music

►MX video player (with codec)

mirrors will be welcome.
Implementing more apps by suggestions.

Thanks to:
►SlimPete for the idea.
►BlackICE team for the awesome base ROM.
►Cyanogen team for CM7.
►Google for Android.
►HTC for the Phone.
►Microsoft for Windows.
►Mom and Dad for giving me birth.
►School for ruining my life and for me to decide that i should do android projects.

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