Saturday, September 15, 2012

How to remove Music lag on your Android

Problem:► Music hangs for about a second repeating the last syllable the singer says. even while the screen is turned on, while it's charging, or while it's overclocked to 5GHz :P
Explanation:► This usually happens when running AOSP/MIUI/CM ROMs and not Sense ROMs.
► What is happening is that the buffer size for the non-Sense ROMs are set too low, so the music player gets to a point where it has to play something, but that "thing" isn't loaded, so it'll have to wait until the buffer loads it to play.
 All of this happens in under a second, but this lag is VERY annoying, especially if you're on a headset, and the volume is set a little high.
► The solution is to set the buffer size a little (or a lot) higher.

Solution:► Download PlayerPro or PlayerPro Trial.
► Download the PlayerPro DSP Pack.
► Run PlayerPro.
► Go to Menu-Settings-Audio.
► Enable "DSP pack".
► Click "Audio buffer" and set it to Large (or Very Large).
► Click "Audio priority" and set that to Maximum.
 Now you'll have to always use PlayerPro for music playing, because it's the only Music player that is compatible with the DSP pack... but it's worth it.


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  2. I've been looking for a solution like this for months! YOU ARE A GENIUS! Now i can eventually send whatsapp messages and take pictures while listening to music, plus the graphical interface is way better than the CM7 stock one.

  3. Thanks man it works!! :))

  4. THANK YOU ! One problem solved, now I need to find out, why my music is shutting down when I start browsing the internet.