Monday, September 1, 2014

It Hurts....

It hurts... It physically hurts.
It hurts seeing Samsung users trying to find good AOSP/CM based custom ROMs.

It hurts seeing a peer with a Samsung telling me he has a galaxy phone, and i have some kind of overly complicated contraption.

It hurts listening to Samsung users rant about how Google made android intentionally slow down and crash in order for him to upgrade phones.

It hurts when i find out that the international Samsung Galaxy Note 3 doesn't have a single AOSP ROM available for it.

It hurts when someone thinks that his Samsung has a unique feature called split screen.

It hurts seeing a 2012 1.5GHz quad-core CPU beat a 2013 1.6GHz octa-core CPU in every way.

But what it hurts most, is seeing that most android users aren't even using the real android, but the "Galaxy" version of it.

So next time, if you have some problems related to android, check if you're using what Google made, not what some other company made.


  1. 1. well u should be thankful that samsung provides source code for exynos devices ...
    2. every company as right to do whatever the want .. it upon blind purchasers of samsung who think sammy is best
    3. i hate samsung

    4. people should start purchase sony

    5 rIrzizo is isock

  2. I got an S3 cheap as I dropped my HTC one M7 in the river (one week in a bag of rice its working again)

    I must say the S3 with the standard rom is pretty dire but with a vaniraosp 4.4 nightly it's sweet