Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Box, Tasker Made

This post will serve as a guide to modifying The Box, for devs/themers that don't want to decompile and fiddle with codes.

This is the Tasker way, you need Tasker and the app factory plugin.

I recreated the (almost) exact same app using tasker, because it makes it easier for devs/themers to modify and edit it.

dummy app:

xml for the above dummy app:

version is 2.0 (same as original) to avoid any confusion.

Tutorial for modifying this app using Tasker:

Import Project

- Open Tasker, click the home icon on the bottom left, click import, and pick the xml file you downloaded from the link above.

Change URLs and button images

- Open "The Box" scene, click the Downloads button, go to TAP section, click the "Browse URL" task, edit the URL to your liking.
- Hit the back button at the top left, then do the same things for XDA and the optional 3rd button.
-- That's it! easy peasy for changing links.
--While you're at it, you can tap on any button to change its image, and also change the size so that it scales right.

Change buttons' places

- Click and drag any button to change its position (but please try and keep the order the same so that it stays consistent across all projects).

Change the background

- Press and hold on the background then hit edit, and change anything you want there.

DO NOT EDIT THE ABOUT BUTTON! NOR THE ABOUT SCENE! You can only change it's location if you absolutely NEED to. Other than that, you have no right to modify it. Thank you.

Change the resolution to fit your device

- In the scene, hit menu, properties, and under the geometry section, make sure the resolution is for your device.
-- This is a tasker limitation that cannot be solved, so your app will have a fixed resolution.
-- You might need to change the size/position of the buttons after changing the resolution.

Export as apk/xml

-- Now that we finished modifying it to our taste, we want to export it.
- Go back to tasker, hit the project icon at the bottom, hit export, LEAVE EVERYTHING AS IS, just hit back. So that's project icon, export, back.

- Wait till it does its job, then click the android icon to install the app.
- Test it, if it's fine go to /sdcard/Tasker/Factory/Kids/ you'll see the exported apk there, ready to be used in a project :)

Original XDA post HERE.

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