Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Let the videos come!

The cam just arrived.
And how epic is this first video of myself:

Now that the new camera has arrived, I'll be making YouTube videos where I talk about android related topics, tutorials, guides, reviews, and maybe rants... who knows!

YouTube videos will be featuring a character, made by me, and controlled by me. He LOVES Linux but doesn't currently have one. He also loves android and the way it works. He has a Nexus 4 bloated with root apps. He has a PC, an Xbox too, but he hates consoles. He also hates apple to the bone. He's basically a very tech racist character, that needs anger management.

Videos will be posted weekly, but those videos will only be made by user requests, so please do put some requests in the comments section so that I can keep making videos. Stay tuned for (hopefully) weekly videos starting next week!

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