Monday, August 12, 2013

Rooting Your Nexus 4

Simple, Fast, Free
It's the Nexus 4 Rooting Guide! [/Advertisement :P]

So I'm gonna show you how to root your Nexus 4, assuming the following:

-You have a PC running at least windows 7.
-You have your Nexus 4 and a USB cable, preferably the LG one that came with it.
-You've already setup ADB.

Now to root your Nexus, you should have its proper drivers for adb to be able to recognize the phone.

So download those drivers HERE. This is the Universal Naked Driver (Thanks 1wayjonny) it's for the nexus 4, 10, Q, and S. If you don't know how to install those drivers, or having problems with it (like the Driver Signature Enforcement) go HERE.

After installing those drivers, you can optionally reboot. Now plug your Nexus 4 in the USB jack, open up a command prompt and type the following:

adb reboot bootloader
(Hit Enter)

Your phone should now boot into a screen with a green android with his chest exposed, this is the fastboot.
Type this:

fastboot oem unlock
(Hit Enter)
Now your phone will ask you if you want to unlock it, select yes using the volume buttons and the power button.

Quoting from xda's guide: "Now, navigate to "Recovery Mode" with the volume keys. Use power to select.
A screen with another Android will pop up. Press Volume Up and Power at the same time.
Select Factory Reset. This process may take a few minutes. Be patient and let it work.
Once finished, select "Reboot."
Your phone is now unlocked!"

Now download the SuperSU flashable zip and the CWM recovery. Do NOT extract the file, just leave it alone for now.

Put the file on your phone.

Put the CWM file you've downloaded in a folder, hold shift and right click on that folder, then click "Open command window here". A command prompt will open showing you the folder's path. Type this in the command prompt:

adb reboot bootloader
(Hit Enter)

Then this:

fastboot flash recovery IMAGENAME.img
(Hit Enter)

Of course, IMAGENAME above should be the name of the CWM recovery file you downloaded.

Now select RECOVERY from the phone using the volume buttons and the power button, you'll boot to recovery... Select "install zip from sd card" then "choose zip from sd card."Find the that you transferred earlier and select "Yes" to install.

Now go back to the main menu, and hit reboot. Aaaaaaaand you're rooted :D

You may have found this guide a little long, but it's nothing comparing it to other devices

Have fun with your rooted Nexus 4!

Original and very helpful guide HERE.

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