Thursday, August 1, 2013

Google Services Download Loop

This is a small guide on how to prevent Google Services from sucking your internet dry...

If you found this post by Google searching, then you found the solution...
But if you're just reading this because I've posted it then probably you don't even care about it... but anyway:
The problem here is when you frequently check your wifi icon, and you realise the up and down arrows are on for too long.
You go check the data usage under settings and you find out that Google Services took up almost 300MB.
The first thing you should do is turn off the wifi. Then go to settings - apps - running. Search for MEDIA and stop it. Now go to cached apps (upper left button on the same screen) and re-kill MEDIA.
Turn on wifi and you should see that the loop is gone.


But 5 minutes later, the loop happens again.
The only solution to this is to greenify MEDIA related apps. So download Greenify and the License, download Xposed Framework from xda (I have no link) then open greenify and greenify this list of system apps:
Download Manager
Media Storage
This should fix the problem permanently.

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