Monday, July 22, 2013

Don't be scared of overheating

It's just a stereotype...
You may think that most android devices have overheating issues which some users are scared of.

I'm here to show you why you shouldn't be scared at all.

I was playing Fast And Furious 6: The Game, and 5 minutes later when I ran out of car gas, I closed the game and directly opened Trickster MOD app to see the temperatures of the phone... yes temperatureS.

You'll notice there are two temps in this app: Battery Temp and CPU Temp.

The one you used to check on older devices is Battery Temp, because older devices didn't have CPU Temp sensor.

When I first opened Trickster MOD it showed this:
Battery Temp: 42°C
CPU Temp: 56°C

And then seconds later, the CPU Temp dropped to 49°C and stayed at 49-50°C.
But Battery Temp was decreasing slowly from 42°C to 38°C in about 5 minutes.

Now the reason for the fast CPU Temp drop is that when the CPU is busy, there is so much electricity running through it, it generates heat. But when the CPU is practically resting, the electricity running through it is much less, hence, the Temp drop, which is normal. And also, if you're using a kernel that supports turning off the 3 other CPUs when not in heavy use, then it's better because the less CPU cores active, the less heat.

So the main thing you should be scared of is the Battery Temp... But don't be, because Android is smart:

Android has a built in overheating system which does certain steps to avoid hardware heating damage, if the phone overheats, it takes some steps:
1- If charging, it stops charging to reduce Battery Temp.
2- Reduces CPU speed automatically to make less electrical current run through the CPU, thus reducing CPU Temp.
3- If both of the above failed to get out of the overheat situation, it shuts down the phone.

So if you were playing a big game, and the phone heats up... keep playing that game, android will take care of the rest 


But the question still remains: if I'm charging the phone using the wall charger, and I put it on the wireless charger, will it blow up?

Original xda thread is HERE

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