Wednesday, September 12, 2012

[ROM][PORT][12-9-12] -=BlackICEv1.60=- [2.3.7][CM7.2][STABLE]

hi, this is my first port of a rom... ever. i'm not a dev, i'm just a junior porter... or

[BOLD] ok, i know there are many ICS ROMs here to make us switch to ICS from GB and be happy with the ICS features and tweaks. but what i think is that ICS on our cellphone will always be a little laggy, slow in I/O. so i found this ROM from the world of DHD, and decided to port it... UPDATE: since BlackICE is dead over at the DHD forum, i realised it would be a great advantage to port it, since it's in its last dev stage, so it's really stable.[/BOLD]

some info about this rom:
-ported from here: Original ROM's description is in this link.
-changed kernel to EliteKernel, thanks to Nik3r.

What is BlackICE?

►BlackICE is a CyanogenMod derivative; modular, extensible and dark... Very dark
►Heavily tweaked to boost battery life and performance, fine tuned for Desire HD and Inspire 4G
►All the great features of the LordModUE kernel
►This is an open project, we accept cooperation and patches
►You can build your own BlackICE

Friendly Advice

►If you are flash BlackICE over a different (not BlackICE) ROM a full wipe / factory reset is required
►Remember Mom's advice: brush your teeth everyday and take the 5 minutes to backup before flashing

Basic features

►CyanogenMod v7.2 (Release Candidate) built from source with custom patches (DHD's description, base was latest stable CM7.2 build from DZ)
►LordModUE latest CFS - tuned up OnDemand governor by default ►►using EliteKernel
► Source modifications from original CyanogenMod - it may include home made patches still not released for general public.
► SysTune free - 
►►See discussion thread. You should consider buying full version from market
► gapps-20110930 base including gtalk with camera support ►►please flash Gapps after flashing this ROM.
► Market app downgraded to v2.3.6 by default ►► Believe, you want this. Faster and cleaner.
► Nice looking! - default 200 lcd density, that means more space for you apps and widgets ►►240.
► Zeam Launcher by default
► Auto zipaligner script from boot - thx LeeDroid
► Tweaks and customizations and extensions via ICETool v1.00
► Lots of small tweaks from boot
► Torch camera from lock screen - MIUI style - long press home to turn on / off the light
► BlackICE Original feature- BLN!!! (Black Light Notifications)
► Autorun.txt file for customization from flash

download here: (mirrors are welcome)

extra apps (usually bloat): HERE


Old Versions:

STABLE 1: useless
test2: useless
test1: useless

NOTE: please flash Gapps afterwards or you'll run into trouble installing some apps.

For some reason, if i didn't have google maps installed i get this error while restoring Viber from TB:
09-12 17:16:23.549: E/PackageManager(1445): Package com.viber.voip requires unavailable shared library; failing!
09-12 17:16:23.549: W/PackageManager(1445): Package couldn't be installed in /data/app/com.viber.voip-1.apk


please test this and report the issues you found (if any) and i'll fix it ASAP.


thanks to:
Peteragent5 with his Porting Guide
Chezbel and his team for the ROM, and permissions.
Nik3r for his Kernel
HTC for the phone
microsoft for windows :P
Google for Android
Cyanogen team for their CM

Original thread at xda: please vote in the poll :)


  1. please put a mirror from another site than 4shared having too much problem cant even sign up

    1. i will update the ROM, and upload it on another site

    2. ROM updated to STABLE2, with a mirror :D