Thursday, September 13, 2012

[GUIDE][TUT] Flashing your first ROM | Switching to EXT4 *noob-proof*

so! you've just rooted your HTC Desire Z (HTC G2, HTC Vision), and you S-OFF'ed it.

now you have Clockworkmod recovery, and an old Froyo Android ROM. want to upgrade? do NOT use al OTA update (don't use the normal "check for system update" button), because you may risk losing root, and have to re-root your phone.

NOTE: "►" is what you should do, "►►" is a comment on what's happening.

Preparations to flash a ROM:

►first pick a ROM from the Development section (don't pick my ROM :P )
►put in on your sdcard, it should be a zip file.
►make sure isn't on your sdcard. (delete it, or put it in a folder)

Booting to recovery:

►go to settings, power, and make sure fast boot is off
►turn off your phone: by holding the power button, and choosing power off.
►press and hold the volume DOWN button, and press the power button... keep pressing the volume down button until you see a white background with text on it.
►►you are now in HBOOT, or Bootloader.
►►now to flash your first ROM, you'll have to go to recovery to make the installation
►press volume DOWN to select "RECOVERY"
►press power to select it
►►the phone will now boot to recovery (Clockworkmod)

Another way is to use ADB:

►Plug your phone to your PC
►check that USB debugging is on, in settings, applications, development.
►open cmd on PC
►type the following:

adb shell [ENTER]
reboot recovery [ENTER]

►►adb shell will get you to your phone's shell, you can control your phone there.
►►reboot recovery, is to (obviously) reboot to recovery.

Backing up, wiping, and flashing the ROM:

►►in recovery please do NOT use the power button for selections. please use the trackpad.
►now if you want, backup your current ROM by going to backup and restore, and pressing the backup button.
►►this is just in case anything wrong happens.
►►backup will take about 5 minutes.
►now go to wipe data/factory reset, and wipe your phone
►►this will wipe the /data partition on your phone, to flash a new ROM.
►go to the first menu, and select install from sdcard
►press choose zip from sdcard
►locate your ROM, and select it
►select "yes" and click it.
►►it will start installing.
►once finished, go back to the first menu, and click reboot now.
►let the phone boot (give it about 5 minutes).
►finish the first setup.
►and reboot.

Congrats :D you have flashed your first ROM!



►►is your phone bootlooping?
►go to recovery as shown above, and wipe your phone.
►OPTIONAL: reflash the ROM as shown above.

No Gmail, Playstore, Google account:

►find Gapps HERE
►►GB is Gingerbread (2.3.x) ICS is Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0.x) JB is JellyBean (4.1.x)
►put the Gapps zip file on sdcard
►go to recovery
►flash the Gapps zip file

Converting to EXT4 file system:

Lots of ROMs now have EXT4 support, EXT4 file system is faster that the old EXT3/2 file systems. the converting process is easy. but be aware that converting to EXT4 requires a FULL WIPE!... you have been warned

Installing 4EXT recovery:

►► To convert your file system to EXT4, you'll need 4EXT recovery, which will replace the old Clockworkmod recovery.
►►this is done by installing an app called 4ext Recovery Control
► download, and install the app
► click "Online install | upgrade"
► press yes when the app has detected your CORRECT device (Desire Z / G2)
► install one of the RC recoveries available. don't install the ones labeled "testing" or "reference"
►► you can choose between classic, and touch recoveries... i'm using touch, so i'll be guiding you through touch recoveries.
► click "install"
►► it will download the file required (a .img file in the root of the sdcard)
►► it will flash it for you.
► now go back to the main menu, and press "Power Menu"
► press Reboot into recovery, and Do it!

Now you have 4EXT recovery.

Switching to EXT4:

►► now that you've booted to 4EXT, let's convert your file system to EXT4.
► OPTIONAL: Make a NANDROID Backup by going to backup | restore, and clicking "backup.
► click "Tools"
► click "wipe or format       -> EXT4"
►► this will switch you to EXT4
► if you made a backup, click on "convert or change a backup  -> EXT4" (may not work)
► if you didn't, just reboot and enjoy.
►► switching to EXT4 doesn't format your sdcard...

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