Tuesday, March 25, 2014

[GUIDE] How to upgrade EVO 3D from ICS to ICS+

Scenario: You're on ICS, latest update, latest bootloader. You're either on stock ROM, or custom ROM. Your bootloader is locked or unlocked. You're S-ON.

Solution: S-OFF your bootloader, downgrade it, get ICS+ ROMs (like JB or KK)

Time to do the process: I did it in 1 Hour 15 Minutes

Requirements: Linux OS (either native, dual booted (ME!), or LiveCD... You pick), HTC Evo 3D, USB Cable (with data transfer support), an internet connection for the downloads, an microSD, and wire.

WARNING: It is important to backup all the contents that are on your microSD before doing anything. I did the wire trick on two Evo 3Ds, and one of them corrupted the microSD, so we had to format it.

Now let's start.

►In Linux, download adb and fastboot using "sudo apt-get install android-tools-adb" and "sudo apt-get install android-tools-fastboot".

►Download THIS flashable root .zip file (don't extract that... please)

►Download juopunutbear's (Call that "juo" :P ) wire trick script HERE and extract it. (pick the appropriate .tgz file for your device)

►Download a ROM to your liking (ICS, JB, KK, Froyo... you can do anything after this guide :D )

►Transfer both the ROM and the root to your phone... keep juo on PC

►Go to and learn how to do the wire trick there.


Backup if you need to

►►You can backup your apps using any app-backup app, we won't go through it
►►Go to recovery
►Type "adb reboot recovery"

►►Make a NANDROID Backup
►Go to "backup and restore", and backup.
►►It took 733 seconds to finish the huge backup i was doing... so yeah... take a bath or something in the mean time.
PLEASE, transfer the backups you made to your PC, don't leave them on the microSD just to be on the safe side

Get to stock (Skip if you're already on stock)

If you're on a custom ROM, you'll need to flash stock... not just any stock... but RUU stock.

►Get the RUU that is for your phone (you may google that)
►►Here's a tip: type "fastboot getvar all" and look for "(bootloader) version-main:"... check the number next to it, and download the RUU that has that number.

Now flash RUU... flash? yes... FLASH!! How? via fastboot... What? Yes!

►Get to fastboot (turn the phone off, hold power and volume down), plug it in the PC

►Type this in a terminal "fastboot oem lock"

►►Now your bootloader is locked, we can flash RUU

►Open up the RUU.exe from windows
►Hit next two times (you're gonna have to check some checkboxes too), and leave it open
►►Don't start any process from it, just keep it there
►Open a file explorer (Like My Computer, or whatever...)
►Type in the path textbox "%TEMP%"
►Sort the files by "date modified" and open the first folder you see there
►►You'll see a bunch of files there, and probably a folder too
►Look for "" (you might even go to that folder too to check inside it)
►Copy "" to somewhere easily accessible

►►Now back to linux
►Type "fastboot erase cache"
►Once that's done type "fastboot oem rebootRUU"

►►You'll see a black screen with a silver HTC in the middle
►Type "fastboot flash zip X" where X is the path to the file we got earlier.

►Now leave it there
►►It took me 426.617 seconds for the process to finish... you may go eat something... maybe relax in the bathroom if you want

►►Now once the terminal says it's done, you might see the HTC green progress bar stuck at 95%... don't worry, it's nothing... it's a bug in RUU mode, so just type "fastboot reboot" and you'll reboot to stock ROM.

I'm on stock ROM... now what?

ROOT DAT STOCK! (Optional, but i did it just in case)

►►So now we need to root the stock ROM we have.
►►To root, we need to unlock bootloader first.
►Go to and follow the guide there to unlock your bootloader

►Once that's done, download THIS recovery and flash in fastboot it using "fastboot flash recovery cwm.img"

►Once that's done, hit "BOOTLOADER" in the list (using the power button), wait for about 5 seconds, then hit "RECOVERY"
►►You're now in CWM recovery.

►►Now that you're inside the recovery, volume up is up, volume down is down, power is enter
►Go to install zip from sdcard
►Choose zip from sdcard
►Locate the root .zip file we transfered earlier
►Hit the "yes" button hidden between these "no no no" buttons :P
►►You might want to repeat the flashing process if it gives an error... Second time is guaranteed to work
►►You're now rooted.

►"***Go back***" to the first menu, and "reboot system now".


►Once booted, go to settings, developer options, and enable USB debugging there
►Then in linux, navigate to where we extracted juo's zip, and open a terminal there
►Type these commands "chmod 755 ControlBear" and hit enter
►The type "./ControlBear" and hit enter

►►Now it'll guide you through... it keeps saying "beer beer"... yeah... the dev likes to have fun, like me :P

►When it says "Do the wire trick now" do it (using's guide).

IMPORTANT: If the script errors out with a "Still sober" error... just redo the script, it'll succeed then...

FINALLY, YOU ARE S-OFFed... too much caps huh? oh well... It was a long process... you can start feel the sense of accomplishment there.

►►Now to downgrade bootloader to 1.49....

►►Remember that file?
►Put it on the root of your sdcard (so don't put it inside any folder)
►Boot to bootloader
►Press BOOTLOADER button...

►Now we wait until the installation is finished... of course, press YES when it says so.

►►You're now on bootloader 1.49, S-OFFed, and with a custom recovery...

Well? What are you waiting for? Go flash a Kitkat ROM! GO!!

NOTE: You might wanna get 4EXT recovery to be able to flash kitkat ROMs, good luck!

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