Sunday, December 29, 2013

Worst android day ever!

So today was my worst android day ever. I lost all my apps and their data...

I was working on porting a statusbar theme to my Nexus 4.

I made a nandroid backup, and wiped the phone, then flashed a stock ROM to work on it as base. After many failed attempts, i decided to re-wipe and restore my nandroid.

3 partitions got backed up, 2 of them were restored, the other one was /data which contains all my apps and their data. I couldn't find a possible way to restore /data

So I just lived with it and booted my ROM with nothing on it. The good thing is that I had a Titanium Backup lurking on my PC for a month. That helped me restore almost 90% of my apps. Of course, the updates weren't there, so I had to update all my apps, and install some new ones that I had less than a month ago.

So there you go, my worst android day so far (let's make some space for bricking :P )

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