Sunday, December 30, 2012

[ROM/MOD][The Family] Absolution-30/12/2012

You can see all the details here, but I changed the kernel, so...

-Built on CM7 7.2 RC0 compiled from latest sources
-EliteMOD kernel
-Google Apps including GoogleTalk w/video chat (minus Startup Wizards!)
-Front facing camera hack (You CAN have video chat!)
-AbsolutionTools (Now found in Settings)- Custom OC/UV profiles with one click installation! Home of Themes, Google Apps, Wallpapers, Keyboards, Updates, GPS fixes, UV scripts, Custom Netfix (with rotation) and more!
-Battery Bar Mod (MIUI style)
-Volume+free or DSPManager via AbsolutionTools
-Custom Dialer and Contacts
-Custom tweaks to improve data speeds/signal strength
-Titanium Backup
-Custom Theme and ADW Launcher w/loop scrolling
-VM Heap increased to 76m
-Wifi scan rate increased to 60s
-Flash Player
-HTC IME keyboardby jonasl
-Modified Gingerbread Keyboard for us with fat fingers
-More stuff I forgot

Credits & Thanks:
-Nunhugger, This should be a shared OP. Sincere thanks to you for making this thing look amazing and making me figure out how to do this without having it done for me.
-flappjaxxx, should also share OP, for true co-development, AbsolutionAce kernel and for our AbsolutionTools app. Revolutionary work!
-Zelendel for advice, guidance, and busting my chops when I needed it
-ashies7, cwhitney24, gio22, dsmitty166, Trevino07, darkside79, flappjaxxx, Duffman14, XAvierG, dyne2199 and Tx Redneck for testing, giving feedback, sharing your talents, adding art and options for the user, and more than anything, sharing ideas to make this project better. This is TRUELY a team production!
-The Collective team as a whole (Thanks for the WP Mortem Taum!)
-The CyanogenMod team (especially Kali, attn1 and jznomoney!)
-LorDClockaN for the quickest developing kernel on the planet LorDModUE
-alienmind for the groundwork for AbsolutionTools and all the other help
-JoeDV for the OG OTA app
-Sybregunne for andrev_oc and Daemon Controller
-AngelDeath for GPS pioneering
-killersloth for UV Scripts and Splashscreens
-pvyParts for Battery Bar Mod
-existz for a amazing CM7 kernel- TalonAce
-cjoliver for OCUVBeater2
-capez for ICS transitions
-fernando sor for transparent Gmail
-BUGabundo from Cyanogenmod forums for Front Facing Camera Hack
-id10terrordfw, IsraelR, henrybravo, and the contributors to their threads for the tireless pursuit of the fastest data speeds possible.
-Adam Holden – Founder of Team Phoenix
-Nik3r, who made Elitekernel
-The XDA community as a whole
How To:
1. Back Up your Stuff.
2. Wipe Data/ Factory Reset
3. Wipe Cache and Dalvik Cache
4. Flash .zip in recovery
5. Allow full first boot, reboot
6. Sign in to Market to add account.
7. Open Absolution Tools app and make it your own.
8. Rate the thread and hit some "Thanks" buttons!
1) If you find that your voicemail number is not set or incorrect, please see the following: or just use Google Voice

2) If you find the Market doesn't work correctly after flashing, including FCs and downloading issues, do a restart.

3) If Gmail doesn't sync, go to Settings, Accounts & sync, tap on your account, turn off Sync Gmail then turn it back on.

4) Front Facing Camera hack tells video chat apps that your device is equipped with a front facing camera, then uses the camera on the back. Grab a mirror and enjoy!

5) To set device phone number, go to Settings>Call Settings>Additional Settings>My Phone Number

Help and answers to any non-development related questions? i am the porter, ask here and i'll try and help 
Known Issues:
You tell me!

how to download this and not get me into closing my account for traffic:
just click on the link, send the file to YOUR account, and download it from YOUR account.
if you do not have a dropbox account, you may download it directly from the link
original thread found HERE 

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