Saturday, September 8, 2012

Oriental Beats - Derbakke

Oriental Beats adds new Middle Eastern style Beats to the Android world! Enjoy the best designed Tabla themed app in the store!

app's description:
"Simulate playing a real Derbakke with "Oriental Beats - Derbakke"! For the first time, a mobile Derbakke with real sounds and easier usage is available on Google Play.
Give your beats an oriental twist with a single tap on this new and improved Derbakke (tabla)!"
this is the first app we (APPit) released. so don't be so rude :P
the app will be improved soon, as it currently doesn't support Android 4.0.4
Play Store link:
soon to be fixed:
MOAR responsiveness
Android 4.0.4 compatibility
please help me find android's 4.0.4 SDK platform so it will be compatible with it.
Have Fun!
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